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Digital resources

  ‘Les signets de la BnF

  Gallica, ‘Bibliothèque numérique de la BnF

  Google Books


  ‘Les Classiques des sciences sociales’ / Université du Québec
    à Chicoutimi

 PHARE / ‘Bibliothèque virtuelle’

 Le Jardin aux sentiers qui bifurquent / Paulette Taieb’s site

 ASE / Archivio Storico degli Economisti

 Economists' Papers / Royal Economic Society

  Economists' Papers Project / Duke University

 Archive for the History of Economic Thought /
    McMaster University

 The Online Library of Liberty / Liberty Fund
    The best editions of:
      Adam Smith
      Henry Thornton
      David Ricardo
      John Stuart Mill

 Marxists Internet Archive / with :
     works in French language
      French translations of Marx

 The History of Economic Thought Website / New School
    for Social Research

 Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

  Project Gutenberg


Libraries & catalogues